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Clubhouse Multiplies its Users After Launching Android Version & Introduces a Monetization Tool

The Android version of Clubhouse was launched about a month ago. The rapidly growing audio app introduced its iOS version to the market last year with a huge success, and since then it has been showing no signs of slowing down.

The app caught the attention of many A-listers and the general public, making it one of the most sought-after apps in the market. The invite-only app completed its one-year run with the iOS version only. After making waves during its first year, Clubhouse recently launched its android version.

According to Clubhouse, the app has already exceeded 2M users on Android alone, doubling its base in just a week following a global launch. As Eightpoint Technologies has learned, the audio chat app is planning to lift the invite-only limitations in the near future, making Clubhouse available to everyone.

It’s worth mentioning also that last month the social audio app started letting all users pay other creators, with that being the first monetization tool built right into the app. Clubhouse won’t be taking a commission on the payments, meaning that creators will be getting the full amount users send them.

According to The Verge, “Not everyone will be able to receive payments just yet, though; that will be rolling out in waves, starting with a small test group”.

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Step by Step Guide for Making Instagram Carousel

Social media keeps on updating their UI and applications overall. With every update, there is a possibility of the features undergoing a makeover. This makes things difficult for many users who have to re-learn how to perform a certain function.

The recent update on Instagram has changed the way of making carousels.  As Eightpoint Technologies has learned from The Verge, “In a recent update, Instagram tweaked the way it asks its users to create carousels (groups of up to 10 photos or videos that rotate through a single post), and this is apparently causing a bit of confusion. This new method was pointed out in the Instagram account Digital Mums, where you can find some great tips on how to use various features of Instagram.”

Select Add Post which is the plus icon..This leads to the photos, you can select the source of the photos to select from the desired folder.

Press and hold the first picture that you wish to add to the carousel, you will see number 1 appear on the photos in blue.

On Android, there is a “select multiple” option on the right above the photos. For iOS you need to press, hold and select multiple photos accordingly.

Once you are done with all photos you can proceed with posting it by clicking the right arrow on the top right corner.

Add the caption and click post.

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